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dobrodosli_eng.jpgIn the heart of the spacious and fertile Leskovian valley, fifty kilometres long and forty five kilometres wide, lies the city of Leskovac. It abounds in a great variety of geographic features and tourist facilities which will attract even the most particular of visitors. Apart from this multitude of features and facilities, Leskovac is also an important transit centre, providing links to Southern Europe (Greece), North-Western Europe via Belgrade, the Adriatic Sea via Priština, and the Black Sea and the Eurasian corridor via Sophia. The territory of the municipality of Leskovac is situated at an altitude between 210 and 240 meters above sea level.

Competition for ideas on arranging the city center
The subject of the competition is the central zone of Leskovac and the nearby city park. All individual and legal entities qualified for this type of job have the right to participate in the competition.

The first Cherry Festival, July 4 - 6

From July 4 – 6, the first Cherry Festival will be held in the village of Petrovac near Leskovac, as part of the "Cherry Festival", implemented by the NGO "Cherry 016".

Urgent repair of the damage caused by fire

In order to eliminate the consequences of fire when the flat burned in the part of the city called Dubocica, Deputy Mayor Dragan Jovanovic held an emergency session of the City Council. There was only one item on the agenda: repairing the consequences of fire in the building in Dubocica 103.


In the opinion of historians, this is an important date in the collective consciousness of the Serbian people, and one of the foundations of their collective identity.

Announcement of the City Administration for Commerce and Agriculture
Persons interested in establishing the preferential lease based on infrastructure should submit a request to the Committee for development of an annual program of protection, arrangement and use of agricultural land in the city of Leskovac until June 30, 2013.
A flat burnt in fire

The nearby apartments were wet while the fire was being put out and they suffered certain damage, while the flat was completely destroyed.

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