Night Life ПДФ Штампај Е-пошта

Night Life

provod1.jpgGoing out in Leskovac is something that visitors commend, wether they stay a few days, or are just passing through. Plenty of good looking young women a men leave a good impression on almost everyone who stays in our city. Bright faces and hospitable people will pass onto you part of the atmosphere, full of the warmth and strong temperament of the South of Serbia.

The night life of the city offers a large selection of places for young people to go out to. It is a great place for socialiying during the day, in the gardens of cafés which are filled to capacity almost any time of day.

Then there are the discotheques, night clubs, and cafés, followed by restaurants with numerous specialties by which the city is famous afar; also, cinemas, summer gardens, and more. All these allow the residents and visitors of the City of Leskovac to be satisfied, and have a great time.

Where to go for a great time out?

The city offers its residents and visitors two discotheques to go out to: the Safir Discotheque, and the  Alexander Discotheque. The ABC discotheque can hold over 5,000 visitors, and is of the indoor type, whereas the Zoom is outdoors. At weekends, on Fridays and Saturdays, these facilities host guest stars of the Serbian show business, performing local and popular music. Well known DJs and performers are also hosted, and promotions of beverages and other events are organized.

Cafés and Clubs

provod2.jpgOther places worth mentioning are clubs. There is the Rupa (the Hole) with its outdoor garden where the atmosphere is calmer, and suited to an enjoyable time in good company. One of the better clubs is theSafari (the Safari), where too, promotions are organized, as well as theme parties. This is a spot where young students hang out, and organize a party every Wednesday.

At the Vinus (Venus) club it's always packed. This is where the slightly older go out. Rock is played here, and visiting rock bands are hosted, from Leskovac and its surrounding. At the Pikaso (Picasso) café-bar karaoke is performed on Tuesdays.

This is where people compete in karaoke, win valuable prizes, and have a good time socializing. For those who are quieter and older, there are the Centar café, where one can enjoy in a good atmosphere and a drink, the Faraon (Pharaoh) pastry shop for day-to-day socializing and good coffee, the garden of the Šeri café-bar for the more relaxed, and for draft beer, and a number of clubs for those who enjoy betting and gambling, the Eldorado, Madera and Aleksandar.


For those who wish to sample specialties of the national cuisine and the widely renowned grills of Leskovac, they will find them in wonderful restaurants: at the ABC, Cap-Cap, Princ, Zlatno Bure (Gold Barrel), kod Noneta (At None's), kod Zajca and Dale 11 restaurants.

The fun is on in Leskovac arround-the-clock, so that whenever you come, in winter or in summer, having a good time is guaranteed, and you will remember your stay in this friendly city. Welcome!