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vucjanka.jpgBecause it is characterized by a moderate continental climate with very mild winters and moderately warm summers, the region of Leskovac abounds in natural scenery which is exceptional in its diversity and beauty.

Numerous mountains, lakes, rivers, spas, canyons, gorges... are a distinction of this region.



juzna.jpgThe largest river in the region of Leskovac is the Južna (South) Morava River, which flows South to North, and together with the Zapadna (West) Morava River forms the Velika (Great) Morava River. Tributaries of the Južna Morava are: the Vlasina river, which collects water from Lake Vlasina and flows through Crna Trava and Vlasotince; the Veternica river, which flows through Leskovac;

The Jablabica river, which springs from the foot of Goljak and flows through Medveđa and Lebane; the Pusta (Deserted) river, which starts on Radan mountain, fills Lake Brestovačko and flows through Bojnik. The river Vučjanka, which springs from the Kukavica mountain, flows through Vučje and is a tributary of the Veternica river. The river Vučjanka, which springs from the Kukavica mountain, flows through Vučje and is a tributary of the Veternica river. Also known in the Leskovac region are The Kozaračka, Predejanska, Kopašnička and Sušica rivers.

Flora and Fauna

svet.jpgThe natural resources of the Leskovac region are favorable for a great diversity of plant and animal life. The most widespread of animals are: roe deer, wild boar, hare, partridges and pheasants, while the plant world is noted for a very diverse presence of medicinal and other useful plants. The first floristic investigations in this territory were carried out by the founder of Serbian botany Josif Pancić towards the end of the 19th century.

Together with hicillaborators he found an exceptionally rare plant at Ostorzub, the endemorelict lovorvišnja, zelenoče (Prunus Laurocerasus). For over one hundred years this plant occupied the attention of botanists from all over the world, because until then, it was only found in Bulgaria, and 2-3 other localities.

Because of this Ostrozub was declared a strict natural reservation. The Leskovac region posesses more than 50 other rare (mostly medicinal) plants, oedemas etc.

The Grdelička Gorge


About ten kilometers south of Leskovac, the spacious Leskovian Valley begins to transform into hilly forested terrain. This is where the picturesque Grdelička Gorge  arises, the narrowest part of which is called Momina Gorge. The Južna Morava river flows through the gorge.

Further up the gorge, at 25 km from Leskovac is Predejane, a beautiful mountain picnic ground surrounded by woods, hills, sheltered from wind, and without fog - ideal for rest.


The Hillsides of the Babička mountain Range

This untouched mountain beauty is rich with various game, and what sets it apart is that from it's slopes extend exceptional views of the Suva Mountain, so that it can serve as a starting point for organizing tours of mountain hiking.

The Canyon of the Vučjanka River

vucjanka.jpgBy flowing through narrow cuts, boulders and cliffs of the Kukavica Mountain, the Vučjanka river forms wonderful canals, waterfalls, and "vessels".

In the canyon several kilometers long there are plenty attractive places for bathing. At the very center of the canyon is one of the oldest hydroelectric power plants in the Balkans.

Built in 1903, it is still operational today.

The Kukavica Mountain

Посебна је предност ове планине у податку да је од Лесковца, удаљена само 16 км. Са њиме је спојена линијама приградског саобраћаја, велике учесталости полазака, и путем са савременим коловозом. Ограничене могућности прихватања излетника у локалитету

kukavica4.jpgПотенцијал за развој туризма у граду Лесковцу је планина Кукавица, која је смештена између Врањске котлине на југу, Лесковачке на северу, одн. Грделичке клисуре на истоку и долине Ветернице, са највишим врхом Влајном (1441 м). Овако ограничена захвата 587 м2. Планина Кукавица располаже природним условима за развој планинског и ловног туризма, обзиром на богатство ловне дивљачи, од којих су најзначајније дивље свиње и срнећа дивљач.

Остале врсте дивљачи и птица, као и присуство предатора, доминирају овим пространствима којима Ј.П. "Србија суме" газдује преко установљеног ловишта "Кукавица" које се налази на 1360 м н.в. Испред врха постоји ски стаза у дужини од 600 м, ширине 100 м, са просечним нагибом од 22 %. Кукавица је идеално место за припреме спортиста, планинарење и шетње у природи, сеоски туризам, брање лековитог биља.

The Vlasinsko Lake

A unique advantage of this mountain lies in the fact that it is only 16 km away from Leskovac. It is linked with suburban bus routes, with very frequent departures, and on a road with modern paving. Kukavica Mountain, with it's highest peak Vlajna at 1,441 m above sea level, stretches between the Vranje Valley to the south, the Leskovačka Valley to the north, the Grdelička Valley to the east, and the Veternica Valley to the east.

vlasinsko.jpgConstrained as it is, it spreads over 587 sq m. The Kukavica Mountain has natural conditions for the development of mountain tourism, and hunting and fishing, having in mind the wealth of game, of which the most important are wild boar and roe deer.

Other species of game and birds, as well as the presence of predators, dominate these expanses. These are managed by the public company "Srbija Šume" by way of the established hunting ground "Kukavica", located at an altitude of 1,360 m above sea level.

Below the peak there is a sky lane 600 m long and 100 m wide, at an average inclination of 22 %. Kukavica is an ideal place for the preparation of sportsmen/women, climbing and hiking in natural surrounding, country tourism, and the gathering of medicinal herbs.

The Pasha's drinking fountain

To Leskovians, the Pasha's drinking fountain represents the most visited and most promising picnic ground. It is located 10 km from Leskovac.

The position, ground configuration and richness in conifer and oak woods over an area of 86 hectares makes the grounds attractive for sports, recreation, hunting and fishing.


The Sijarinska Spa 

The Sijarinska Spa is 52 km from Leskovac, at an altitude of 530 m above sea level. It can be reached as follows:

  • by the Belgrade - Niš - Leskovac motorway
  • by the Leskovac - Priština regional road
  • by railway (Belgrade - Niš - Athens)

banja1.jpgThe spa has springs of mineral water (32 - 72°C). There is also sulfurized mud. In the spa there is hot water geyser whose water volumn reaches the height of 8 m, and a periodic geyser which erupts at ten minute intervals.

Bathing at the Sijarinska Spa treats: rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, gout, anemia, lung disease, stomach disorders, intestinal afflictions, kidney disease, disorders of the liver and gall bladder, minor heart defects.