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dobrodosli_eng.jpgIn the heart of the spacious and fertile Leskovian valley, fifty kilometres long and forty five kilometres wide, lies the city of Leskovac. It abounds in a great variety of geographic features and tourist facilities which will attract even the most particular of visitors. Apart from this multitude of features and facilities, Leskovac is also an important transit centre, providing links to Southern Europe (Greece), North-Western Europe via Belgrade, the Adriatic Sea via Priština, and the Black Sea and the Eurasian corridor via Sophia. The territory of the municipality of Leskovac is situated at an altitude between 210 and 240 meters above sea level.

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rostiljijada05.jpg With the number of visitors it falls within the very top of tourist shows in Serbia. During the seven days it lasts, it is visited by more than 450,000 guests. The Grill Specialties Festival is authentic, and the greatest and most visited grill and meat festival in this part of Europe.

Apart from this Festival, there are various programs during the summer, such as the Summer of Leskovac, the annual Fair, and the Wine Days in Vlasotince.

The Summer of Leskovac represents a traditional, multi-media open air festival, and is one of the longest festivities in the country. The scope and concept get bigger and better every year. The Summer of Leskovac takes place at the "Dokić Shop" Complex in the very center of the city, starting at the calender begining of summer and lasting until mid July. Daily events consist of sport activities, a children program, and the third part of the Summer of Leskovac consists of entertainment and artistic content intended for adults.

jezerobarije.jpgLeskovac is a city which in it's encirclement has healthy and pure nature. As such, it will prove  attractive to visitors who wish to get to know it from this aspect. There are the river and lakes to be found, as well as picknic and hunting grounds, streams and natural springs. Leskovac is a city rich in history, both pre-war and post-war.


It has to offer tourists the opportunity to visit historic landmarks, cultural monuments, and Byzantine cities from the distant past.

provodm.jpgThe night life of the city offers a wide choice of places for young people to go out to. It is a great place for socialiying during the day, in the gardens of cafés which are filled to capacity almost any time of day. Then there are the discotheques, night clubs, and cafés, followed by restaurants with numerous specialties by which the city is famous afar; also, cinemas, summer gardens, and more. All these allow the residents and visitors of the City of Leskovac to be satisfied, and have a great time.

In its tourist offering, the city of Leskovac can present the following tourist list:

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