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Avaliable locations for investing

Arrangement of city area-by the development of the new General urban plan, the city of Leskovac has come to a spatial direction until 2010. New and spacious areas for all types of production engaged capital in the industrial zone are planned and they could be activated anytime in accordance with the set regulation plans.

Amendments and additions to the GUP enable planning of new areas according to the current needs on other locations of bigger as well of smaller level of construction. By the way, during the development of the spatial plan of the Republic of Serbia, the municipality of Leskovac has been characterized as a municipality in the zone of medium burdened area, regardless of its high level of industrialization.

Eastern industrial zone

Eastern industrial zone


The Eastern Industrial zone is located on the M-1 Niš to Skoplje road, with available access to it.

The ownership is mixed (mostly private and partly state ownership).

The overall area of the Eastern Business Zone is 241.1 hectares. Usable area is 60%.



Nothern industrial zone Northern Industrial zone

The Northern Industrial zone of the city of Leskovac represents a unique complex of an area of 59.6 hectares.

In terms of percentage the usable area of this business zone amounts to over 70%.

Ownership within the zone is mixed (state, private and public ownership).


Southern Industrial zone

Southern industrial zone The Southern Industrial zone is located between the M-1 Niš to Skoplje road and the E-75 Motorway. The ownership is mixed (mostly private and partly state ownership).

The overall area of the Southern Business Zone amounts to 110.5 hectares. Usable area is 25% .

Distance from the Main highway 4 km, from railway 0.5 km. Particially is equipped with infrastructure.

Leskovac has 24 locations  that are ready for investing.  There are 4 Greenfield locations and 18 Brownfield. Detailed description for these location is in land inventory base.