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Industrial potentials

industry.jpgAt the end of 18th century, Leskovac was center of big Leskovac and takes the teritory of all former part of Alandzi-Hisar ( Krusevac) and Paracin. During the Ottman rule, Leskovac was their center named as Dubocica. At half of 19th century, Leskovac was second city by its size, after Belgrade, had 13 textile factories, so was named as Serbian Mancester. Until II world war, Leskovac was very economic developed and had  high developed textile industry.( 1938 with 18000 inhabitants). With trade and industry developing, banking was on higher level.

Today, Leskovac has 3 predominant industries: hemical, food and textile.

Hemical industry: Zdravlje Actavis, , „Bulcvat" ,DCP „Hemigal".

Textile industry: „KSK Clothing", SKKR „ROSSO" „Mateks" D.O.O.,

Food industry: Mesokombinat", „Mlekara" -Leskovac, „Ulpin", „Porečje" -Vučje, „Strela Kljajić" D.O.O. -Leskovac„ Tomaco" AD „ Umi-pek" Leskovac.

Also, Leskovac has a metal, wood, electro and constructon industry.