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dobrodosli_eng.jpgIn the heart of the spacious and fertile Leskovian valley, fifty kilometres long and forty five kilometres wide, lies the city of Leskovac. It abounds in a great variety of geographic features and tourist facilities which will attract even the most particular of visitors. Apart from this multitude of features and facilities, Leskovac is also an important transit centre, providing links to Southern Europe (Greece), North-Western Europe via Belgrade, the Adriatic Sea via Priština, and the Black Sea and the Eurasian corridor via Sophia. The territory of the municipality of Leskovac is situated at an altitude between 210 and 240 meters above sea level.

Open talk with the citizens of Leskovac ПДФ Штампај Е-пошта

A long row of people were patiently waiting for the arrival of the Minister Zorana Mihajlovic outside the local Assembly building. All of them wanted her to listen to them and try to help them resolve the issues they were concerned with. The most troubling things for the citizens of Leskovac were electricity bills.

Minister Zorana Mihajlovic held the press conference together with the Mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanovic, and said that electricity market would be opened the next year. She also added that electricity is goods, so the citizens would be able to choose the distributor from whom they would make their purchase.

Zorana Mihajlovic praised the work of Leskovac Electricity Company, because, as she said, she did not notice in her talks with citizens that there were complaints about the operation of this enterprise. She added that her next destination for interviews with citizens would be Nis, since a large number of people from Nis came to Leskovac today to introduce her with huge electricity bills and double interests. Minister of Energy invited representatives of all municipalities and cities in Serbia to initiate the procedure for rescheduling electricity debts, if they have not done it so far. Zorana Mihajlovic said that not only citizens, but also legal entities had to start with the rescheduling of electricity, because it had to be paid. She also praised the decision of Leskovac to start the rescheduling process. Mayor Cvetanovic introduced the Minister with the energy resources of Leskovac and invited her to visit the hydroelectric power plant in Vucje, built in 1903, which is one of the oldest in Serbia and still produces electricity.

Mayor Cvetanovic said that the former city government had not been paying electricity bills for four years, which was why the city faced a debt of RSD 350,000,000.00, and more than a third of that amount was the debt of Directorate for Urban Planning and Construction.

After talking with the directors of some public enterprises and heads of departments, the Minister met with the problems of companies in the energy sector. Implementation of important projects in the field of energy, ecology and environmental protection was also discussed at the meeting.

The Minister also visited the City Council of the Serbian Progressive Party in Leskovac.


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