Welcome to Leskovac!

dobrodosli_eng.jpgIn the heart of the spacious and fertile Leskovian valley, fifty kilometres long and forty five kilometres wide, lies the city of Leskovac. It abounds in a great variety of geographic features and tourist facilities which will attract even the most particular of visitors. Apart from this multitude of features and facilities, Leskovac is also an important transit centre, providing links to Southern Europe (Greece), North-Western Europe via Belgrade, the Adriatic Sea via Priština, and the Black Sea and the Eurasian corridor via Sophia. The territory of the municipality of Leskovac is situated at an altitude between 210 and 240 meters above sea level.

The beginning of LIFFE, Leskovac International Festival of Film Editing ПДФ Штампај Е-пошта

One famous actor said that it was wonderful that this festival existed and that we should cherish it, because when wars separate us, films can put us together and even save us.

The opening ceremony and projection of the film "Forger" of Goran Markovic was scheduled in the courtyard of the Center for Professional Training, but before the beginning of the ceremony, strong wind broke the inflatable film screen and screening of the film was held at the Cultural Center.

The guests were welcomed by the Mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanovic. He said he was proud of the fact that, as the Mayor of Leskovac in 2008, he financially supported the visionary idea that our city hosts the International Festival of Film Editing. That was why today, five years later, he was very happy that the event not only survived, but also developed into a prestigious cultural event whose significance was even recognized by the Ministry of Culture, which is one of the sponsors of the festival.

Mayor Cvetanovic handed the special “Zivojin Zika Pavlovic” award to Rade Serbedzija for the affirmation of film art in the world.

A large number of actors, directors, and cultural and political figures attended the opening ceremony, including actress Tanja Boskovic and filmmaker Darko Bajic, as well as many other well-known people from the world of art.

“LIFFE”, Leskovac International Festival of Film Editing, will run until September 16, and the program will also include works from the areas of the former Yugoslav republics.

Fourteen films will be displayed in the competition program: four from Serbia, two from Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia, one from Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one out of competition.


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