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dobrodosli_eng.jpgIn the heart of the spacious and fertile Leskovian valley, fifty kilometres long and forty five kilometres wide, lies the city of Leskovac. It abounds in a great variety of geographic features and tourist facilities which will attract even the most particular of visitors. Apart from this multitude of features and facilities, Leskovac is also an important transit centre, providing links to Southern Europe (Greece), North-Western Europe via Belgrade, the Adriatic Sea via Priština, and the Black Sea and the Eurasian corridor via Sophia. The territory of the municipality of Leskovac is situated at an altitude between 210 and 240 meters above sea level.

City Council Meeting ПДФ Штампај Е-пошта

At the meeting held on Thursday, September 12, members of the City Council considered and adopted the detailed regulation plan for Grdelica, plan and program of work for the Housing Agency until the end of the year, as well as a draft decision on entrusting the tasks of summer maintenance of streets and roads to enterprises Maki Plast from Togocevce and Zlatar Roads from Drmanovici.
A decision on the establishment of local communities in the city was also adopted, which created the conditions for the President of the Assembly to call for elections in the lowest units of local government.

Since the General Regulation Plan of Grdelica contains provisions related to Corridor 10, councilor Dragan Savic proposed that the city government and the Directorate also initiate the development of the plan document for Predejane, because according to his information, the responsible Minister Bacevic ordered the reconsideration of the possibility that Corridor 10 passed through Predejane, which would award a five-year effort of the city management.

According to the plan and program of work which the Council adopted today, the Housing Agency should implement two projects in the field of social housing in Vlajkova and Bledska Street by the end of the year.

Most of the funds would be provided through the European Development Bank, 55%, the city would participate with 32% by providing the location, and the state would help with 13%.

As it was heard in the explanation, out of four companies that participated in the tender for the summer maintenance of streets and roads in the city, two of them were chosen: Maki Plast from Togocevce and Zlatar Roads from Drmanovici, because they met all the necessary requirements and offered the best price.

Auditor's reports on the final annual accounts for 2011 and 2012 were also the topic at today's meeting of the Council, and according to Dalibor Trickovic, Head of Finance, minor objections had already been corrected, and the most serious objection - lack of internal control of budget users would be solved with the city government’s upcoming establishment of internal budget inspection.

Decision to establish the local communities encountered general approval and acceptance, because that would create the conditions for early elections in the lowest local organizational units. Head of the General Affairs Department, Slobodan Milosevic, said it was known that not scheduling the elections in the last few years not only violated the law, but also wasted precious time for the development of local communities. After the local parliament confirms the decision, the Assembly President should call for elections and according to our unofficial information, they will be held in November.

At today’s meeting, the City Council allocated RSD100,000.00 to Brestovac for the organization of the Fair of Traditional Products and Handcrafts, and RSD70,000.00 to the Association “Leskovac Ajvar” for the preparation and implementation of the Second Fair of homemade ajvar and winter preserves in Leskovac.


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