Horse Races on the Day of the City ПДФ Штампај Е-пошта
After a three-year-long pause in Leskovac racetrack, equestrian club "Dubocica" organized a traditional race on 11 October. This race was established way back in 1936. It was maintained continuously for 73 years, but in 2010, by the decision of the municipality leaders of that time, its maintenance stopped due to lack of money. Given the fact that such a long and beautiful tradition does not break easily, the City Council has recently passed a decision on financial assistance in organizing the race in the amount of RSD400,000. This beautiful event has brought to our city a lot of horse lovers and lovers of this sport from all over Serbia, from Subotica to Leskovac. Equestrian Club Leskovac is one of the oldest in Serbia. It was founded in 1924. There are about 30 first-class horses on this horse farm, and horse owners invest a lot of love, energy and willingness into their hobby. Leskovac racetrack is the only one from Pozarevac to the Macedonian border. "I am opening this year's horse race "Leskovac 2013" with the hope that their tradition would never be interrupted for any reason”, said the Mayor of Leskovac, Goran Cvetanovic, while opening the event. The winner of the race was awarded the winner trophy of the city.
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