Privatization ПДФ Штампај Е-пошта

Privatized public companies in the course of privatization to-date

23 companies have been privatized in Leskovac so far, as follows:

  • 21 through the procedure of privatization by auction
  • One by way of tender (the "Zdravlje" company), and
  • One by way of investment capital ("Radon", Pečenjevce)

4.563 workers were employed in the privatized companies at the time of selling (of which 2.100 in "Zdravlje" alone). The new owners of the privatized companies have undertaken by contract to invest a total of 1.5 billion dinars, 1.4 of which in "Zdravlje" in the five years following the moment of purchase (an average of 280 million dinars annually), while the remaining owners must invest approximately 100 million dinars in the first year of operation (for most, the deadline has not yet been reached).

It is estimated that some 60 public companies remain to be privatized. Owing to large debt and the absence of interested buyers most of them will have to be privatized by conducting bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, the completion of privatization of public companies will be followed by the privatization of utilities and public companies founded by the municipality.