Textile industry

Leskovac, due to the development of the textile industry is known as the former "Serbian Manchester", today in this branch of industry is trying to regain its former glory. Today Leskovac has developed production, from primary production of yarns of different composition to the finished products (knitwear, socks, yard good, light and heavy knitted fabrics). The presence of foreign companies is the highest in this area. The table shows the average number of workers according to the official data from the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Leskovac.

Falke” – production of socks

The German company “Falke” has been engaged in the production of socks for more than a century. ‘Falke’ built the new plant in the northern industrial zone in Leskovac on area of 15.000 m2 and currently employs 620 workers.

 „Jeanci Isanbul“-is a company from Turkey, which produces high-quality jeans. Company rents 2 brownfield facilities and engages 480 workers. Also, company bought brownfield “Srbolek” and started reconstruction of the facilities.

The company "Auto stop interiors" in Athens is at the beginning of their investments in Leskovac. „ Auto stop interiors” – is a company from Athens engaged in production of seat covers and floor coverings for the automobile industry. Their products are components that are first installed in cars Toyota, Ford, and Chrysler. For the start of production, the company uses the former production facility “Zevelon” in the northern industrial area and employs 80 workers. In the next 3 years company will invest 5 million € for renovation and equipping the existing space and more than 300 workers will operate in it.

In addition to these, there are 5 small companies and 4 small enterprises that employ 5-15 workers. Most of these small companies export their products to Albania, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Number of employed in the companies of textile industry, 2013

The largest companies in textile industry

The average number of employees in 2013