The Mayor


dr Goran Cvetanovic

Date of birth: 11 03. 1965th

The Place of residence: City of Leskovac

Formal education:


The University of Nis, Faculty of Medicine, doctoral studies in clinical medicine (the doctorate);

1984-1990. The University of Nis, Faculty of Medicine - a specialist in internal medicine;


The High school "Stanimir Veljković - Zele," the title of a laboratory technician in physics;


The Elementary School "Svetozar Markovic" Leskovac;

Non-formal education:

Training in the UK, in London, where he lived and attended English language courses;


Federal Minister without Portfolio (until October 5, 2000.)

Twice Mayor of Leskovac;

Five times since 2001. to 2012. The People's Representative Assembly of the Republic;

A member of the Committee on Health and care for families and children;

A member of the local government;

Member of the delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE;

first time mayor of Leskovac to 2009. year;

Currently employed as a specialist in internal medicine at the Department of occupational health in Leskovac;

Additional knowledge:

He speaks English fluently;

Computer skills;

Personal characteristics:

Born leader, a man of inexhaustible driving force, it's hard to keep in touch, but it is a pleasure to work with him and learn from him;

Charismatic and capable, the model of his associates;


Goran Cvetanović co-authored of several scientific papers in the field of medicine;

He is also known as a dog lover and in that time all his dogs were champions at home and abroad;

It has a large personal library:

Monitoring developments in all spheres of society;

For the first time in the history of parliamentarism, 29 12th 2009th The resigned as MP in the Serbian Parliament and became a member of the Serbian Progressive Party;

Currently performing governmental functions;

At the first City Council Election Assembly of the Serbian Progressive Party was elected as the  president;